A 2- 3kg pork belly from a reputable butcher (make sure butcher scores the skin on your pork belly) ensure you choose a cut with skin on and bone in.
Enough course salt and fresh, ground pepper to cover top and bottom of pork belly.

Cooking & Preparation Method:

1. Sprinkle and rub the salt and pepper over the top and bottom of your pork belly. Make sure it is rubbed all over.
2. Using the INDIRECT cooking method, use the coal dividers on the inside of the WEBER kettle to heat up TWO separate sections of coal. Let the coals cool to the point that they are not bright red, but more of a pale orange.
3. Place Pork Belly between the two dividers.
4. Ensure that the air vents at the top and the bottom of the WEBER are open. It’s important to ensure maximum air ventilation at all times for the distribution of the heat.
4. Leave the pork to cook for approximately two hours, and avoid the temptation to open and close the lid of the WEBER Braai. Only at around 1hour 40 minutes should you check on the cooking progress of your pork.

6. Remove the pork belly from the coals, and leave it to settle for at least 15 to 20 minutes. The pork should be moist on the inside with crispy crackling on the outside.
7. Slice the belly in thick cuts right down to the bone and serve with your favourite side.

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